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A big thank you to all those involved - the Organising Committee, the hosts at Sydney Nanoscience Hub and of course the generous sponsors, TechnologyOne, CSIRO, the NSW Office of the Chief Scientist & Engineer, and the individual Friends of Pearcey who helped bring this very important evening together.

This is the first event to celebrate Dr Pearcey's Centenary. We plan to celebrate all year!

Please stay tuned, and if you'd like to be more involved, we'd love to hear from you at or +61 3 9663 3093.


On Tuesday 5 March, we invite you to join past, present and future leaders from academia and industry in celebrating Dr Pearcey's legacy. We will acknowledge Pearcey's seminal contributions to the modern computing era and to science more broadly, and will also explore his influence on the next generation of Australian innovators.

Pearcey collaborated on the creation of CSIRAC: Australia's first computer and the world's fourth. His work paved the way for the birth of computer science in Australia. The Centenary Celebration is a chance to honour Pearcey's legacy and catch a glimpse of what the future holds for Australian innovation, as we toast to the spirit of entrepreneurship, collaboration and leadership.

Diving into topics from qubits to hunting galaxies; the Centenary Celebration program will feature Australia's leading minds exploring three of Dr Pearcey's prime areas of interest: computing, astronomy and radio physics, and nanoscience.

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Tuesday 5 March 2019
3:00pm - 7:00pm

The Sydney Nanoscience Hub
The University of Sydney Nano Institute

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No cost to attend.

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Hosted by: The University of Sydney Nano Institute
Speakers include
Prof Hugh Durrant-Whyte
NSW Chief Scientist & Engineer
Dr Sarah Pearce
Deputy Director, Astronomy & Space Science, CSIRO
Dr David Reilly
Dr David Reilly
Director, Microsoft Quantum
Australia Anticipated the Internet

Dr Trevor Pearcey
In February 1948, Dr Pearcey wrote:
"It is not inconceivable that an automatic encyclopaedic service operated through the national teleprinter or telephone system will one day exist."

Dr Trevor Pearcey (5 March 1919 - 27 January 1998) was an outstanding Australian ICT Pioneer. Most notably, he led the project team that built one of the world's earliest digital computers, the CSIR Mark 1, later known as CSIRAC.

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